Friday, 16 February 2018

Bug in new iPhone

If you use a new iPhone with iOS 11, and you send text using the Indian language Telugu, the character will crash your messaging app.

Not only that, it can also crash WhatsApp, Outlook, Facebook Messenger and Gmail. These apps can be disabled once a message with Telugu is received.

Skype and Telgram seem to be unaffected.

The only workaround is to ask the friend to send a message and try to delete the conversation thread which caused the crash.

Apple should have a fix out soon.

There's more info here on the The Verge website

Monday, 27 November 2017

Study helps new mums via SMS

We always love a great idea, especially when it involves SMS.

A new research project run by the University of Western Australia pairs up expectant mothers with mothers who have been there and done that. The project aims to help new mums cope with mental health issues, which can arise during and after pregnancy.

The "mummy buddies" project pairs up expectant mums with a mummy mentor and they can exchange text messages when the new mum has a question.

The mummy project has already helped new mums and the UWA is still on the lookout for expectant mums and mentors.

More info here on Perth Now's website:

Monday, 13 November 2017

Using SMS For Events

Using text messaging for events can be a huge time saver, because people usually have their phones on them, so you can quickly send updates and get responses fast. Whereas emails can languish in an inbox for days!

Many of our customers use SMS Express to promote the event, confirm delegates and attendees, remind attendees about certain events, and for follow up feedback on how the event wenr.

SMS is a very valuable tool for helping your organise events and people.

Check out our SMS messaging ideas page for some more ideas on how using SMS Express can save you time.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

That YES SMS Kerfuffle

Did you get a text message from the YES to Marriage Equality campaign?

YES, me too. So how did they get our numbers?

The campaign director said they used a random telephone number generator, which raised a few sceptical eyebrows.

Yes these random mobile generators exist and they are usually in the form of an Excel plugin or program.

The issue with doing it this way is, yes it's cheap to generate the numbers, but it would generate millions of wrong numbers.

And even if they used what's called 'grey routes' for sending the text messages out (cheap SMS servers based overseas that are not plugged directly into Aussie telcos and can arrive at 3am!), it would still be a very expensive exercise and they would be charged for the dud numbers.

However, it is certainly doable and they may have got the SMS at a really cheap rate.

The other option for the Yes Campaign: buying a list of mobile numbers, which is not cheap, and then pay to broadcast to these numbers.

But are they allowed to do this? Isn't it spamming?

No it is not. Under the Spam Act, political and informational electronic messages are allowed.

Thankfully we don't get these SMS messages very often because they are expensive compared with email, and cheap (but usually more effective) when compared with snail mail.

It certainly highlights the power of engaging people via mobile messaging. We are likely to ignore an email, but a beep beep SMS? No way...we'll read that for sure.

For good or bad, SMS leaves mail and email in its wake!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Prices Are Down Yay!

Thumbs down is good news for our wonderful customers at SMS Express...

...we have overhauled our pricing for SMS and now rather than wade through a list of "pricing tiers", it is now a flat price of 8.5c INCLUDING GST.

That's for 1 credit right up to 50,000 credits. No minimum order.

If you want to go large, then please...ask us to down down even more!

And just to remind you that you only pay for outbound text messages on our platform.

Everything else is 100% free. That includes replies, sub-accounts, custom sender IDs, use of the Birthday Module...

Any questions, we also have 24/7 support: 1300 668 287

See you soon!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Keeping your phone charged during a disaster

Hopefully you will never need to use the following tips, but we thought they were very handy.

The article on Click2Houston has some advice from the Red Cross on how to conserve and charge your mobile phone battery during a disaster:

Conserve phone battery:

  • Leave an outgoing message on your voicemail that includes your status and location, and then turn off your phone.
  • Use SMS text messaging, which will go through cellular networks easier than a voice call.
  • Turn on “flight mode,” which keeps your phone from transmitting or receiving and greatly extends battery life (SMS will not work on this setting)
  • Disable or turn off apps that you’re not actively using to save the battery power
There's other tips on charging your battery...the full article is here:

Friday, 18 August 2017

Coles & Woolworths SMS scams

Scammers are now sending out text messages purporting to be from Coles or Woolies.

The scam texts trick people into clicking a link which leads to the scammer's site.

Scammers are probably using SMS because email is starting to become ineffective, and junk filters will pick them up.

Due to the great cut-through that SMS has, and no "spam filter" on text messages unfortunately means scammers see SMS as being more effective too.

The scammers also use a SenderID pretending to be from Coles or Woolies, which makes the text seem legit.

The frustrating thing is, anybody can spoof a SenderID and make it appear to come from any company, like you can on email.

So if you do receive an SMS like this, delete it!

Here's some more info here:

And to keep an eye on scams visit: